American Adventures

Hi all again,

I know there was no more blogs expected but this is my blog and I’ll write if I want to so here’s an encore at least on my travels in North America atm :). So my German buddy Jan and I visited NYC (New York City) for 5 days and as expected it was eventful and interesting, if I was to say something about New York it would be that it would be the place I love to visit without living there, downtown Manhatten is crazy and the grandeur/splendour of the city did not disappoint.

The journey started itself on a less than promising start with us missing our first flight then having to hang around Halifax airport for 4 hours due to the crazy shuttle driver not turning up, its never my fault haha but this was only the beginning as throughout the trip I managed to lose one of my memory cards for my digital camera, which was always going to happen having it in my camera bag for the past 3 years. Fortunately most of my photos I’d transferred to my USB and Jan also moved some of his across to mine. Another interesting or poignant moment was being about the only 2 “white guys” in the Bronx Macca’s near Yankee Stadium, lets just say ive never felt so white although it was an awesome experience, one which I felt completely safe in :). Other highlights of the trip included:

* The major highlight I’d say would have to be a basketball game @ MSG (Madison Square Garden) between the Knicks and Nuggets, with the atmosphere being amazing and the Knicks winning by 3 to extend their winning streak to 7 games and Amare Stoudamire shot his 8th straight 30 point game.

* Visiting the touristy spots of Times Square (it really did live up to the expectation), Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockafeller Centre, Central Park etc

* For any sporting fan or anyone who wants a great experience Yankee stadium and the tour was amazing, touring the press box, the memorial park, the muesum and being able to hold a world series ring that they won last year, along with our Macca’s experience I described earlier 🙂

* Checking our a club here and there, managing to get into an apparently private party in a club somewhere in Manhatten after having a few drinks then getting home 5am. Also we stayed in Brooklyn, which itself is an experience to behold due to the bars the atmosphere and the people

* New York Muffin bakery, made one of the best bagels you could ever eat along with fresh orange juice and some awesome muffins especially when heated up 🙂

* The Hostel we stayed @ had 3 Aussies who I’m not particularly typical, one was from Melbourne and very metro/alternative, another was a bit of an aggressive drunk who was kinda abnoxious, while the finally dude batted for the other side but I guess he was from Perth anyway, a part thats always been a bit outta the way, this was one of the experiences, either the good, bad or ugly 🙂

Ok I’ve also managed to find a few differences or things I wasnt expecting that I’ll let you in on a lil secret:

*They by law cant sell beer in liquor stores or soft drink as they sell them in Deli’s and thus can only sell Wine or liquor

* New Yorkers have the typical big city reputation of not being the most hospitable, from what I could gather from the few days I had there this wasnt the case and most were reasonably friendly, however they struggled a lil with giving accurate directions haha

*Bought an over-priced $3 mini hotdog @ Central Park after the guy told me $2 felt like someone pulled the rug out from under me, speaking of which we were also conned into buying a $3 hip hop CD in times square that I’m sure ill never listen too lol.

* Shuttle driver not only nearly killed us on the crosstown ride, also left us unattended in the shuttle for well over 10 minutes without any explanation, shouldve taken off on him 🙂

Anyway thats all from me for now and potentially until I travel again, keep an eye out I may be coming to a desination near you sooner than you think. Take Care I’ll be home in Aus soon, I’ll miss you Canada :O and all the awesome experiences/people I’ve met

Aussie Jef 🙂

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21st Birthday Bash and other crazy circumstances

Ok all once again I have kept you waiting partially due to anticipation, partially because I’ve been busy and just partially because I’ve been a typical lazy Australian :). The main focus of this blog will be my 21st B’day celebrated on the 3rd Nov 2010, which was a momentous occasion however more on that later… This will more than likely be my last blog before I head home it being about a month so I am going to include alot of differences and similarities in this edition so be prepared and be scared. I’ve actually started writting z’s in organization instead of s’s funny how that works, wonder if ill drive on the wrong side of the road when I get back, never been the greatest driver anyway as Susi and Rob will attest for :). Over here whats happened in sport is the Huskies football side owned the Acadian Axemen (gaymen) last Saturday to take out the Looney bowl, heard the Lacrosse side won an AUS tittle as well. In terms of me the other events I’ve partaken in since I’ve adjorned my blog are halloween (dressed up as a pirate a darn sexy one too 🙂 ), played softball (intermural’s) in a downpour, crazy Canadians they are and we’ve progressed to the playoffs of the intermural soccer tourney played this Sunday, I think I’m improving upon my non-existant soccer skills :). So without further adieu lets talk me describe the 21st spent with some amazing German’s, Canadian’s and from memory one Frenchman… Thanks heaps for everyone who made it an amazing night but especially Jan,Susi, Emilie the list could go on but thank you all.

The day itself was fairly ordinary in the sense that I had 2 classes and finished at 8:45pm but after this it was time to have a few drinks in the Layola residence lounge before we headed downtown. The guys organizaed a birthday cake for me which was amazing, I had bought a Foster’s beer cause of coarse you couldnt celebrate an Aussies B’day without our most famous beer right?? (The beers acutally pretty decent lol) There was also a speech which I couldnt resist making as its a tradition, then after a few beers was time to head to Bearley’s for some Karaoke and more drinks… Sang Pink – Family Portrait as a warm up for the main song land down under, which had most of the bar dancing (I’d say 30-40 people) in quite a small bar. Afterwards some random Canadian comdian dude bought me a beer, perhaps he was hitting on me it was quite strange haha but free beer all the same. Then it was on to the dirty dome… or so it’s reputation say, the place is fine. I remember dancing and apparently I was eyeballing people, this part I dont remember but at about 1am the night went blank up until about 2:30 when some of the guys drove home with me being sick into a garbage bag in the back of the car. The guys chipped in and bought me a SMU Huskies Jacket which was awesome and I love it!!!! This was such an epic night and certainly a 21st ill remember, hope youve enjoyed reading about it as much as I’ve enjoyed writting and living through that night :). Loving my time over here not that keen on coming home but looking forward to catching up with everyone. Take care and rememeber to enjoy every moment like it may be your last, smile cause no-one could fall in love with a frown and dance like theres no-one watching :). Ohh by the way yes, I’ve broken up with the girlfriend, which it was agreed was for the best… Here’s some comparisons you’ve all been waiting for 🙂

-They call beanies, toques over here (maybe they are different things but they look the same to me lol)

– Theres no such thing as capsicum its called green pepper

– Havent heard of cordial (I think this may be a British or Aussie thing) if you havent heard of it google it and no its not flavoured mineral water!!!

– They dont call diappers nappies they are hampers apparently which is a type of brand

– Sure is commonly used along with right on and what are you saying?? instead of what have you been up to (this one I found hilarious)

– Nike and Addidas are said quite funnily

– Theres no such thing as prawns only shrimp (ironic aye?? think about it)

– Clementines which are apparently these small type of Manadarin’s theyre nice though

– Look-off instead of look-out’s

– Lay-away instead of lay-by at shops when putting away items

 – A thing I really love is the $6 tight-ass Tuesday movies or as they call them (Reel deals haha) so corny but this should be implemeneted in Aus..

Thats all I have for now, have a good one mate’s 🙂

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Cape Breten and other adventures

Hi all friend and foe alike and welcome to the blog of the Aussie import,

I thought it was about time I updated this so here goes, over the past couple of weeks I’ve been playing sports, hitting up bars and getting escorted out yes indeed thats right (for falling asleep that is 🙂 ), heading on a random road trip and of coarse I’ve met an awesome girl who I couldnt neglect to mention, she’d perhaps hurt me haha. The major focus of this blog will be my roadtrip to Cape Breten along with some more subtle differences between Canadian and Aus that I’m sure you’ve come to love.

So now the trip to Cape Breten that nearly didnt eventuate, at the last minute I said lets continue on despite the potential for bad weather and what a memorable trip we had, we arrived at 130am at the Trailsmen Motel on a Friday morning and I have now experienced driving on the wrong side of the road what exhiliration is was :). A brief summary was that we were in Sydney (thats right Sydney, Cape Breten) and Louisberg Friday and we travelled the Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Highlands national park on Saturday with that unpredictable weather and all. Highlights, random events or lowlights depending on which way you wanna look at them included

* Me destroying our car rentals door or it was more the wind but the damn thing didnt shut properly the whole weekend after that gust of wind put it off its hinges, thankfully we had insurance

* Seeing a Flo Rida concert in Sydney, what a random place to see the dude, wouldnt say it was worth the cash but the club cant even handle me right now 🙂

* Pillow humping and smiling, in addition to me talking in my sleep and snoring im that talented in bed haha

* The beautiful leaves and valley’s in Cape Breton, would recommend it in fall to anyone

* Seeing a moose on the side of the road in the National Park

* Cheticamp (or Shittycamp as we were calling it what a top Acadian place, I love Acadians though), this was the place I almost ran into a ditch and killed me and 2 germans (ok an exageration slightly)

* The saying “thats what she said” which I think was said well into the 100’s perhaps 1000’s

So that wraps up the weekend lets get into some differeneces shall we

*Over here they call new shoes or even shoes in general “kicks” never heard of this

* A lookout is for some reason called a look-off, not too much variation I guess

* In a restaurant I’ve noticed they ask you every 2 minutes if your ok or do you need anything, I’ve heard of customer service but seriously 🙂

* This is probably an obvious one but Halloween is this week an had to mention it, I’ll be dressing up as a pirate (imaginative I know 🙂 )

Ohh on a side note for anyone that cares in the 3 subjects I am doing I’m averaging between 80 and 85% I really want an A now though after I was challenged to get one.

Lastly but most certainly not leastly I will be celebrating a Big Milestone next week my 21st Birthday on Wednesday, feel free to hug me on this day or send a card and a few bills to 923 Robie St, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 3C3 im on the 9th Floor Layola Residence Suite 2 Room 5. Just joshing ya but share the love and take care all

(No responsibility held for unreturned money) 🙂

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Alexander Keiths Birthday

Hey all you aussies out there,

Well you may be wondering who the heck Alexander Keith is if your Canadian and from the maratimes (West Coast of Canada or Nova Scotia) it would be sarcaligious to not know that Keith’s Birthday, a local brewer dating back to 1860 odd from memory’s birthday is the 5th October. It was his 215th Birthday yesterday and the most random time ensued. Long story short went with my roomate and his brother to the grave as he had written a tribute song and wanted to have a drink, record it on camera and play the song to celebrate. So when we got there it appeared as though there were some croonies there who worked for the company so initially it was all a bit low key, then they cracked out a cooler bag and some beers, which then lead to Eamon my roomate Mike’s brother asking if it was sweet it he played his tune. They said sure as long as you have a beer with us all. So we had a beer played the tune and swapped tales, one of the guys spent 7 months in Aus in 1996. How often can one say theyve had a beer, swapped some stories and played some tunes in a graveyard to celebrate an icon’s bday. Further I knew that there was a concert downtown to celebrate and was keen to go so I asked if they could hook us up as they were marketing managers. They said there were tickets being given out at the door but it started in 15 mins, so its unlikely we’d be able to get downtown and grab them. So they said ask for a girl called Jess and tell her a guy called Alan sent you (they were also wearing kilts) and they reserved 3 tickets for us, which we collected at the door.

The concert was sweet kicked so much ass, drank a few brews (Keith’s of coarse), had a dance to celtic folks tunes along with dunking half my body in a green tank. Top night, random times and awesome fun was had by all. On another note also participated in a Cancer cure run on Sunday with some beautiful weather allowing me to run the 5km’s in around 25 mins I’d say. Ohh I am studying as well in between the partying, playing soccer, softball and cricket in the intermural comp, working out and meeting one cute girl in particular :). Hope everyone is awesome back home and enjoy the read, I have a few more slight differences that I will endeavour to continue to add to. Take Care all

* Pedestrian’s have right of way over here, most cars will stop and allow you to cross the road as its one of the more interesting social norms over this way

* The words right, sure and perfect are said with quite alot of frequency of coarse all in that funny Canadian Accent 🙂

* Instead of the footpath or pavement its called the sidewalk

* Halloween and Thanksgiving is celebrated, with quite a bit of enthusiasm

* There are dogs absoultly everywhere, I mean Aussies love our dogs but its crazy over here

For now thats all I’ve got dont miss me too much or if you dont miss me at all miss me some more haha


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Late night blog update

Hey all,

I appologise for the delay in blogging and right about now its 3am and I’m listening to the Pie’s winning the AFL grand final after being kicked out of a fratenity party, which didnt make me feel the greatest ill be honest. Was kicked out due to the fact that one of the guys hosting the party had a girlfriend who I hooked up with, against my will I might add but then they broke up and I was almost thrown out of this kegger party, which is fair enough I deserved this I guess. So far though the experience has been awesome met quite a few people still love the accent’s, won trivia nights, watched a hockey game, been hypnotised and all amongst this I’ve attempted to focus on the study. Surprised at the fact that there is a cricket following over here could have managed to played last weekend however signed up for an international soccer side and committed to this. The weather so far has been fairly decent but I guess fairly soon the winter will hit, hopefully it wont snow too much. My most recent experience last night was with death wings, at a sports bar last night where I ate one of these which brought me to tears photos on facebook to follow. It’s time for another section of differences between Canada vs Australia

* They call it Ketchep over here as opposed to tomato sauce with this being used in Pasta

* Sweaters instead of jumpers is the term used

* Theres a term called peacing whereby this means someone is leaving almost like peace out I guess

* Theres a strange dude over here who called me a rapist and claimed that his dad was part of the Canadian CIA, I took it as a joke first time but 2nd time I told the douche not to do it again as it wasnt funny and the guy was a fucker

* University referred to as School and there is no such thing as a chicken schnitzel

* Wierd season dates i.e. Fall or Autumn starts on the 24th September as does Winter which starts 22nd December along with Mobile Phones being called Cell’s

* In a convience store the other week I saw a rotewieler behind the counter along with subway (sandwich shop) employees leaving the store unattended to head out for a smoke

Oh well for about now this will do hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writting it 🙂 any questions or comments are appreciated take care and enjoy the warm weather back in Aus

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Long awaited… Who’s this guy kidding :)

Well this perhaps isnt the best time to be writing this it being 9:45pm on a Thursday night but here goes. I’ve been here a week so far and damn have had a decent time already, miss certain aspects of Australia a bit but I’d move here tomorrow. It could be the novelty of being in a new country but I can genuinely say that although it has it’s moments so far its awesome. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the differences, which should be celebrated not condemmed..

The Accent (definately a positive, love those Canadian girls could listen to them all day 🙂 )

Driving on the wrong side of the road or at least the other side

Squirrel’s, you see these crazy lil critters everywhere

They call university, school over here, toilets, washrooms and petrol, gas

Football is considered Canadian Football over here as opposed to Rugby League or Union and it looks as though people value being on time over here alot more.

Drinking age in Nova Scotia is 19 but this doesnt affect me 🙂

Theres a real posibility that on the weekend a Hurricane could rip through the town, not something you see in downtown Sydney

Subway (the sandwich stores) amoung others are opened alot latter some til 12am

They really do say Aye alot gotta love it

At this stage these are the major ones I can think of but a few other random facts are Walmart is huge the place blew me away, they have stores like EB and a few others and instead of Gloria Jeans, they have this place called Tim Hortons (google it it’s huge).

So in terms of what I’ve done so far I moved into residence at SMU (Saint Marys University yesterday) and although there aren’t alot of people on campus here as I’ve moved onto res early I get the impression theres going to be plenty of alcohol consumed and late nights, with the occasional study in between. I’ve visited brewies, pubs, walked down almost every st in Halifax 5 times over, seen a live baseball game, had family with a Canadian family in a bar and grill (who wanted to pay for my meal), made friends with a girl from a rival University, visited historic Citadel hill, which was a British Fort in built in the 1800’s, spoken to numerous various random strangers several of which have called me either Kiwi or British and had no idea what I was saying :). Theres plenty more but in a nutshell this is my experience so far, any questions please let me know and I’ll try and hook you up with an answer. I may upload some photos if your lucky.. Take Care all and let me know how your all going back in Ostralia :).

Miss you all

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Who would have thought that blogging would be so easy

Well this is my test run, pre-trip blog for Canada, watch this space people I’ll be updating hopefully weekly with adventures from the trip if anyone cares to read let me know what you think :). After looking at one of the subjects I’m going to be doing looks like it may not be so much of a holiday after all lol :O. Hope your all well and keep posted more to follow……

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