Who would have thought that blogging would be so easy

Well this is my test run, pre-trip blog for Canada, watch this space people I’ll be updating hopefully weekly with adventures from the trip if anyone cares to read let me know what you think :). After looking at one of the subjects I’m going to be doing looks like it may not be so much of a holiday after all lol :O. Hope your all well and keep posted more to follow……

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5 Responses to Who would have thought that blogging would be so easy

  1. PHIL says:

    dude wouldnt it have been easier to use twitter haha, anyways man hope u have a great time aye, party hard over there aye

    laters man

  2. Shannon says:

    Hey Jef! Hope everything goes well toorrow…what time is the flight?
    So what subjects are you going to be doing over there?
    Missin ya already mate!

  3. jefmiles says:

    Nah isnt Twitter just another status thing, this has alot more scope 🙂 and the flight is 1015 tomorrow morning, I’m doing 2 management and 1 accounting. A little rushed atm but will give more details over there. Have fun

  4. hey fucker hurry up and giv me some updates and photos i wana see wat its lyk through ur own eyes lol

  5. jefmiles says:

    Calm down I’m not going to be on here all day, every day, wait a week you lil son of a, so far it’s been awesome, a few differences here and there will update in my next blog :). Only been here roughly a day now…. Update in about 4 or 5 days

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