Long awaited… Who’s this guy kidding :)

Well this perhaps isnt the best time to be writing this it being 9:45pm on a Thursday night but here goes. I’ve been here a week so far and damn have had a decent time already, miss certain aspects of Australia a bit but I’d move here tomorrow. It could be the novelty of being in a new country but I can genuinely say that although it has it’s moments so far its awesome. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the differences, which should be celebrated not condemmed..

The Accent (definately a positive, love those Canadian girls could listen to them all day 🙂 )

Driving on the wrong side of the road or at least the other side

Squirrel’s, you see these crazy lil critters everywhere

They call university, school over here, toilets, washrooms and petrol, gas

Football is considered Canadian Football over here as opposed to Rugby League or Union and it looks as though people value being on time over here alot more.

Drinking age in Nova Scotia is 19 but this doesnt affect me 🙂

Theres a real posibility that on the weekend a Hurricane could rip through the town, not something you see in downtown Sydney

Subway (the sandwich stores) amoung others are opened alot latter some til 12am

They really do say Aye alot gotta love it

At this stage these are the major ones I can think of but a few other random facts are Walmart is huge the place blew me away, they have stores like EB and a few others and instead of Gloria Jeans, they have this place called Tim Hortons (google it it’s huge).

So in terms of what I’ve done so far I moved into residence at SMU (Saint Marys University yesterday) and although there aren’t alot of people on campus here as I’ve moved onto res early I get the impression theres going to be plenty of alcohol consumed and late nights, with the occasional study in between. I’ve visited brewies, pubs, walked down almost every st in Halifax 5 times over, seen a live baseball game, had family with a Canadian family in a bar and grill (who wanted to pay for my meal), made friends with a girl from a rival University, visited historic Citadel hill, which was a British Fort in built in the 1800’s, spoken to numerous various random strangers several of which have called me either Kiwi or British and had no idea what I was saying :). Theres plenty more but in a nutshell this is my experience so far, any questions please let me know and I’ll try and hook you up with an answer. I may upload some photos if your lucky.. Take Care all and let me know how your all going back in Ostralia :).

Miss you all

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One Response to Long awaited… Who’s this guy kidding :)

  1. Brendan says:

    ive got a question…. suck my balls? lol nah come back cunt my weeks nyts a boring as fucker lol

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