Late night blog update

Hey all,

I appologise for the delay in blogging and right about now its 3am and I’m listening to the Pie’s winning the AFL grand final after being kicked out of a fratenity party, which didnt make me feel the greatest ill be honest. Was kicked out due to the fact that one of the guys hosting the party had a girlfriend who I hooked up with, against my will I might add but then they broke up and I was almost thrown out of this kegger party, which is fair enough I deserved this I guess. So far though the experience has been awesome met quite a few people still love the accent’s, won trivia nights, watched a hockey game, been hypnotised and all amongst this I’ve attempted to focus on the study. Surprised at the fact that there is a cricket following over here could have managed to played last weekend however signed up for an international soccer side and committed to this. The weather so far has been fairly decent but I guess fairly soon the winter will hit, hopefully it wont snow too much. My most recent experience last night was with death wings, at a sports bar last night where I ate one of these which brought me to tears photos on facebook to follow. It’s time for another section of differences between Canada vs Australia

* They call it Ketchep over here as opposed to tomato sauce with this being used in Pasta

* Sweaters instead of jumpers is the term used

* Theres a term called peacing whereby this means someone is leaving almost like peace out I guess

* Theres a strange dude over here who called me a rapist and claimed that his dad was part of the Canadian CIA, I took it as a joke first time but 2nd time I told the douche not to do it again as it wasnt funny and the guy was a fucker

* University referred to as School and there is no such thing as a chicken schnitzel

* Wierd season dates i.e. Fall or Autumn starts on the 24th September as does Winter which starts 22nd December along with Mobile Phones being called Cell’s

* In a convience store the other week I saw a rotewieler behind the counter along with subway (sandwich shop) employees leaving the store unattended to head out for a smoke

Oh well for about now this will do hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writting it 🙂 any questions or comments are appreciated take care and enjoy the warm weather back in Aus

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2 Responses to Late night blog update

  1. deirdre says:

    looks like everyones busy this week with all the grandfinals and we got ripped off1 hrs sleep as well cause of daylight saving. Brendan seems 2 b missing u 2 lol.
    Was that ur Uncle Phil that wrote in the 1st blog. Btw u r doing a good job with ur blogs keep it up. Well will talk tues.

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