Alexander Keiths Birthday

Hey all you aussies out there,

Well you may be wondering who the heck Alexander Keith is if your Canadian and from the maratimes (West Coast of Canada or Nova Scotia) it would be sarcaligious to not know that Keith’s Birthday, a local brewer dating back to 1860 odd from memory’s birthday is the 5th October. It was his 215th Birthday yesterday and the most random time ensued. Long story short went with my roomate and his brother to the grave as he had written a tribute song and wanted to have a drink, record it on camera and play the song to celebrate. So when we got there it appeared as though there were some croonies there who worked for the company so initially it was all a bit low key, then they cracked out a cooler bag and some beers, which then lead to Eamon my roomate Mike’s brother asking if it was sweet it he played his tune. They said sure as long as you have a beer with us all. So we had a beer played the tune and swapped tales, one of the guys spent 7 months in Aus in 1996. How often can one say theyve had a beer, swapped some stories and played some tunes in a graveyard to celebrate an icon’s bday. Further I knew that there was a concert downtown to celebrate and was keen to go so I asked if they could hook us up as they were marketing managers. They said there were tickets being given out at the door but it started in 15 mins, so its unlikely we’d be able to get downtown and grab them. So they said ask for a girl called Jess and tell her a guy called Alan sent you (they were also wearing kilts) and they reserved 3 tickets for us, which we collected at the door.

The concert was sweet kicked so much ass, drank a few brews (Keith’s of coarse), had a dance to celtic folks tunes along with dunking half my body in a green tank. Top night, random times and awesome fun was had by all. On another note also participated in a Cancer cure run on Sunday with some beautiful weather allowing me to run the 5km’s in around 25 mins I’d say. Ohh I am studying as well in between the partying, playing soccer, softball and cricket in the intermural comp, working out and meeting one cute girl in particular :). Hope everyone is awesome back home and enjoy the read, I have a few more slight differences that I will endeavour to continue to add to. Take Care all

* Pedestrian’s have right of way over here, most cars will stop and allow you to cross the road as its one of the more interesting social norms over this way

* The words right, sure and perfect are said with quite alot of frequency of coarse all in that funny Canadian Accent 🙂

* Instead of the footpath or pavement its called the sidewalk

* Halloween and Thanksgiving is celebrated, with quite a bit of enthusiasm

* There are dogs absoultly everywhere, I mean Aussies love our dogs but its crazy over here

For now thats all I’ve got dont miss me too much or if you dont miss me at all miss me some more haha


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One Response to Alexander Keiths Birthday

  1. deirdre says:

    yep that sure was a good blog. looks like im ur only reader now. oh well at least 1 supporter is better than none. Saw the pics they were great and laurie looks like a nice girl. Chat soon. Luv Mum

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