Cape Breten and other adventures

Hi all friend and foe alike and welcome to the blog of the Aussie import,

I thought it was about time I updated this so here goes, over the past couple of weeks I’ve been playing sports, hitting up bars and getting escorted out yes indeed thats right (for falling asleep that is 🙂 ), heading on a random road trip and of coarse I’ve met an awesome girl who I couldnt neglect to mention, she’d perhaps hurt me haha. The major focus of this blog will be my roadtrip to Cape Breten along with some more subtle differences between Canadian and Aus that I’m sure you’ve come to love.

So now the trip to Cape Breten that nearly didnt eventuate, at the last minute I said lets continue on despite the potential for bad weather and what a memorable trip we had, we arrived at 130am at the Trailsmen Motel on a Friday morning and I have now experienced driving on the wrong side of the road what exhiliration is was :). A brief summary was that we were in Sydney (thats right Sydney, Cape Breten) and Louisberg Friday and we travelled the Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Highlands national park on Saturday with that unpredictable weather and all. Highlights, random events or lowlights depending on which way you wanna look at them included

* Me destroying our car rentals door or it was more the wind but the damn thing didnt shut properly the whole weekend after that gust of wind put it off its hinges, thankfully we had insurance

* Seeing a Flo Rida concert in Sydney, what a random place to see the dude, wouldnt say it was worth the cash but the club cant even handle me right now 🙂

* Pillow humping and smiling, in addition to me talking in my sleep and snoring im that talented in bed haha

* The beautiful leaves and valley’s in Cape Breton, would recommend it in fall to anyone

* Seeing a moose on the side of the road in the National Park

* Cheticamp (or Shittycamp as we were calling it what a top Acadian place, I love Acadians though), this was the place I almost ran into a ditch and killed me and 2 germans (ok an exageration slightly)

* The saying “thats what she said” which I think was said well into the 100’s perhaps 1000’s

So that wraps up the weekend lets get into some differeneces shall we

*Over here they call new shoes or even shoes in general “kicks” never heard of this

* A lookout is for some reason called a look-off, not too much variation I guess

* In a restaurant I’ve noticed they ask you every 2 minutes if your ok or do you need anything, I’ve heard of customer service but seriously 🙂

* This is probably an obvious one but Halloween is this week an had to mention it, I’ll be dressing up as a pirate (imaginative I know 🙂 )

Ohh on a side note for anyone that cares in the 3 subjects I am doing I’m averaging between 80 and 85% I really want an A now though after I was challenged to get one.

Lastly but most certainly not leastly I will be celebrating a Big Milestone next week my 21st Birthday on Wednesday, feel free to hug me on this day or send a card and a few bills to 923 Robie St, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 3C3 im on the 9th Floor Layola Residence Suite 2 Room 5. Just joshing ya but share the love and take care all

(No responsibility held for unreturned money) 🙂

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One Response to Cape Breten and other adventures

  1. Brendan says:

    lol the terms kicks are in a few rnb songs that do reach our shores dude… and if u trick or treat and u dont get anything becoz of a very unoriginal costume lol… make sure u trick them thats the name of the game… alternatively u could take ur costume off… that way theyd probably even give u they’re wallet and/or the deed to their house lol happy birthday for th 3rd too as i wont be there we will be partying 3 tyms as hard when u get back… twice for u and the 3rd coz mines a couple of days later lol ill cya when u get back

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