21st Birthday Bash and other crazy circumstances

Ok all once again I have kept you waiting partially due to anticipation, partially because I’ve been busy and just partially because I’ve been a typical lazy Australian :). The main focus of this blog will be my 21st B’day celebrated on the 3rd Nov 2010, which was a momentous occasion however more on that later… This will more than likely be my last blog before I head home it being about a month so I am going to include alot of differences and similarities in this edition so be prepared and be scared. I’ve actually started writting z’s in organization instead of s’s funny how that works, wonder if ill drive on the wrong side of the road when I get back, never been the greatest driver anyway as Susi and Rob will attest for :). Over here whats happened in sport is the Huskies football side owned the Acadian Axemen (gaymen) last Saturday to take out the Looney bowl, heard the Lacrosse side won an AUS tittle as well. In terms of me the other events I’ve partaken in since I’ve adjorned my blog are halloween (dressed up as a pirate a darn sexy one too 🙂 ), played softball (intermural’s) in a downpour, crazy Canadians they are and we’ve progressed to the playoffs of the intermural soccer tourney played this Sunday, I think I’m improving upon my non-existant soccer skills :). So without further adieu lets talk me describe the 21st spent with some amazing German’s, Canadian’s and from memory one Frenchman… Thanks heaps for everyone who made it an amazing night but especially Jan,Susi, Emilie the list could go on but thank you all.

The day itself was fairly ordinary in the sense that I had 2 classes and finished at 8:45pm but after this it was time to have a few drinks in the Layola residence lounge before we headed downtown. The guys organizaed a birthday cake for me which was amazing, I had bought a Foster’s beer cause of coarse you couldnt celebrate an Aussies B’day without our most famous beer right?? (The beers acutally pretty decent lol) There was also a speech which I couldnt resist making as its a tradition, then after a few beers was time to head to Bearley’s for some Karaoke and more drinks… Sang Pink – Family Portrait as a warm up for the main song land down under, which had most of the bar dancing (I’d say 30-40 people) in quite a small bar. Afterwards some random Canadian comdian dude bought me a beer, perhaps he was hitting on me it was quite strange haha but free beer all the same. Then it was on to the dirty dome… or so it’s reputation say, the place is fine. I remember dancing and apparently I was eyeballing people, this part I dont remember but at about 1am the night went blank up until about 2:30 when some of the guys drove home with me being sick into a garbage bag in the back of the car. The guys chipped in and bought me a SMU Huskies Jacket which was awesome and I love it!!!! This was such an epic night and certainly a 21st ill remember, hope youve enjoyed reading about it as much as I’ve enjoyed writting and living through that night :). Loving my time over here not that keen on coming home but looking forward to catching up with everyone. Take care and rememeber to enjoy every moment like it may be your last, smile cause no-one could fall in love with a frown and dance like theres no-one watching :). Ohh by the way yes, I’ve broken up with the girlfriend, which it was agreed was for the best… Here’s some comparisons you’ve all been waiting for 🙂

-They call beanies, toques over here (maybe they are different things but they look the same to me lol)

– Theres no such thing as capsicum its called green pepper

– Havent heard of cordial (I think this may be a British or Aussie thing) if you havent heard of it google it and no its not flavoured mineral water!!!

– They dont call diappers nappies they are hampers apparently which is a type of brand

– Sure is commonly used along with right on and what are you saying?? instead of what have you been up to (this one I found hilarious)

– Nike and Addidas are said quite funnily

– Theres no such thing as prawns only shrimp (ironic aye?? think about it)

– Clementines which are apparently these small type of Manadarin’s theyre nice though

– Look-off instead of look-out’s

– Lay-away instead of lay-by at shops when putting away items

 – A thing I really love is the $6 tight-ass Tuesday movies or as they call them (Reel deals haha) so corny but this should be implemeneted in Aus..

Thats all I have for now, have a good one mate’s 🙂

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